Workshop flow:

1. Complete a basic pottery course and pass by at our workshop or pottery events!​

If you want to start making pottery in our workshop, the first step is to successfully participate in one of our mandatory basic pottery courses. Here you will learn everything about clay, pottery and the workshop maintainance. You can find us at the "Alte Mensa" in room "e" next to the Olylounge at Helene-Mayer-Ring 9, 80809 Munich. We are open every Wednesday and Thursday from 19:00 to 21:00 hours (for short-time changes please always check our Facebook page). On Tuesday we have our weekly pottery courses and courses done under the guidance of our most experienced members. On Wednesday and Thursday you can also do pottery under supervision, where everyone can pursue his own creations. The pottery events are regularly announced on our Facebook page.

2. Become a member of the association "Students in the Olympiadorf e.V."

To start pottery at our workshop you need an insurance protection, which you get by joining the association "students in Olydorf e.V". The semester fee is free for residents of the Olympiadorf, € 5 for students and € 25 per semester for all other guests. You can fill out the member form on site or download it here and bring it with you. As a member, you will receive a pottery badge, which must be presented to the respective workshop supervisor at each visit and serves as proof of your insurance cover..

3. Familiarize yourself with the pottery handbook:

In order to find your way around in our workshop, we have put together a pottery handbook with all the important process flows and techniques you need.

4. Time to start pottery:

If you want to learn new techniques for handbuilding and the potter’s wheel, it's best to come by on Tuesday. For projects without instructions, the best dates are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Our pottery workshop is particularly favorable for students: for 1 kg of clay including glaze, bisque and glaze firing, only € 2 have to be paid into our clay cash register.

5. Keep going!

No one is born a master and your first pottery project can take an unusually long time for you. For a finished pottery you to come at least 3 to 4 times. The necessary work steps for your workpiece include: handbuilding/potter’s wheel, turning and placing it in the bisque rack, glazing and placing it in the glaze rack, taking home your piece of art from the fire rack :)!